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The Strongest Man in the World…Well, in Egypt Anyway

Roll up! Rollup! He can bend coins with his eye muscles alone! He can then tear the metal coins in half with his bare hands! He has fathered 35 children and needs to maintain 4 wives as 1 alone would never be able to cope with this prodigious sexual appetite! He is Sayyed Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah, the world’s strongest man!

At least so he says. Interviewed on Egyptian television, this faithful Muslim professes that his strength comes from Allah alone but unfortunately it’s as much a curse as a blessing. He cannot work, for instance, for fear of hurting the boss should the latter be a bad man and try to provoke him.

With the reputed strength of 30,000 men, one would think that the Egyptian army would have snapped him up, but Sayyad Muhammad Ahmad Abdallah refused to join, again, for fear of hurting someone. A humble hulk, indeed.

In this video he tells the TV presenters that he must make love 15 times a day, every day. Allah, in all his wisdom, after all, permits polygamy. In any case he never sleeps so he needs to pass the time somehow.

He does his coin trick for the cameras but when asked if has lifted big rocks, he responds ‘who would ask me to come to work lifting rocks?’

A kind man, though, he declines to shake the presenter’s hand for fear of ‘breaking his fingers’.