Travel Stories

Got a good travel story? Share it with us on the Road Junky Podcast!

So you want to tell a travel story for the Road Junky Travel Stories podcast?


We’re looking for travellers to share their tales of being out there on the road to inspire others and open some windows to the rest of the world.

Please have a read of the below first:


Tech stuff

Firstly you need to be able to record your story. Try to get hold of a microphone somewhere and practice a while with it. It’s really easy to ruin a recording by making too many ‘pop’ sounds when you’re mouth is too close to the mic.

You can record your story using a program like Audacity to record it. Save it as a .wav file for best quality.

Ideally, your story should be about 10-15 minutes long but we’re flexible. Listen to it before you send it to us and see if it could be improved.

What kind of story is interesting?

You are as interesting as the story itself. Maybe something amazing happened to you but we also want to know how you felt about it, what it meant to you. We want to stand in your shoes and imagine it was us in that crazy situation.

Your story can be something funny, something tragic, something unbelievable, something insightful – something that hasn’t happened to us. We want to learn from it, be entertained by it, have it change how we see the world in some way.

And this is Road Junky. How I Lost My Camera on Holiday is unlikely to be as interesting to us as Getting Attacked by Wild Dogs in Anatolia...

How to tell your story

To tell a good story you need to know what it is you want to tell. Make your story interesting from the beginning – why do we want to hear the next ten minutes of it?

Think about how your story ends. Understatement is powerful. Don’t give us the moral of the story – we’re not in church.

Try to vary the pace of the story. Make it intimate. Share how you felt.

Imagine you’re telling it to your best friend over a coffee. Feel the emotions as though you were telling the story for the first time.

DON’T type out your story and then read it out. That sounds really stiff and boring like a schoolkid reading in front of the class.

But also don’t just start recording and blah blah without knowing what you want to say.

The best way we know to tell this kind of story is to use notes. So instead of:

The New Year’s parties were always the most chaotic. Thousands of Indian tourists turned up for 48 hours of unmitigated anarchy. They walked down the beach fully dressed, socks and shoes and all, itching to take photos of girls in bikinis. This was my girlfriend in Goa, they told their friends back home. At night, they got hopelessly drunk and every year a couple of them drowned as they tried to swim for the very first time.

You can just have:

New Year – Indian tourists – ‘girlfriend in goa’ – drunk drowning.

This way you remember the structure of your story but you’ll find fresh words for it each time.

And, please, practice telling it to someone before you record!

How to send it to us

Ultimately we need the .wav recording. But these are heavy files so please first upload a version of it to Soundcloud or Youtube or a similar service so we can give it a listen first. When you’ve done that send an email with the link to with the word ‘podcast’ in the email subject.