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The Sahara Retreat

Not so much of a festival as a retreat, we meet up each winter in the Sahara and just have the most amazing time.

We limit the retreat to 20 people plus the teachers and a musician or two and we spend the days learning meditation, aikido and dance expression, eating well, exploring the dunes, and then come together for sunset, dinner and to tell stories and sing around the fire.

In the silence of the desert we hear our breath, the blood rushing around our bodies and finally allow all of our lingering noise to quiet down and reconnect with ourselves. In the emptiness of the desert we explore the tracks left in the sand by passing ants, we listen to the eternal wind whisper in our ears and at night the skies are so clear that we finally remember that we’re all hitchhikers on a planet speeding through space.

We camp for 6 days in the dunes and come out transformed every time.

Here’s where you can learn more about our Sahara meditation retreat