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Boom Festival

Governments have always had it in for the techno scene. Since raves emerged in the UK in the late 80’s/early 90’s, the police did all they could to close them down. The cops in Goa weren’t slow to demand prohibitive baksheesh either and the result is that the the Goa Trance Scene died a death around 2000.

In Belgium a government report announced that the trance parties represented a dangerous sect whose adherents all wore dreadlocks and greeted each other with the code namaste ( a standard greeting in India) and parties and ravers have been hounded around the rest of the world too.

The Boom Festival in Portugal grew out of the Goan trance scene but has become so much more than just a psytrance event with different stages representing acoustic music, live bands and every kind of electronic music imaginable.

The Boom Festival is more than just a music festival, however, and has a sustainable vibe with no third party marketing (visual pollution) and aims to be as ecological as possible. It’s also an extremely international event and the arts are well represented with different galleries, live theatre, street performers and also discussions, seminars and workshops on all themes spiritual.

It’s the kind of place you can just wander around from a pyschotropic dance floor to a series of short silent films to a discussion on sustainable technology to an open air tantra workshop – all in the first afternoon.

The Boom Festival is the greatest.

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