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Brazilian Carnival

Whereas the Brazilians may not be the most intellectual of populations, when it comes to partying they’re in a class of their own. To celebrate the onset of Lent, Brazil holds a 4 day long Carnival of street music, drinking, dancing, fancy dress and plenty of casual sex which sees a flood of babies born around Christmas…

Carnival is a tough time to travel in Brazil though so it’s not a bad idea to arrive a little before and work out where in this huge country you want to spend the fiesta. As a general rule the further south you go the more tame it gets, ending up as a big garden barbeque, whereas in Rio, Salvador and Olinda it gets progressively more wild. Carnival can be great fun in smaller villages too where all the men end up dressing in drag and the fun gets drunk and intimate.

The whole spirit of Carnival is allowing your party self to come out and do all the kind of stuff that you wouldn’t do normally (well, not sober anyway) and the spirit is very much that nobody ‘belongs to anybody’ during Carnival.

So it’s maybe not the best time to honeymoon in Brazil if infidelity bothers you…

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