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Burning Man

The Burning Man is an event beyond description but we’ll give it a go anyway. Essentially, it’s a week-long psychedelic art installation party in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

Every description of hippies, freak, artist and eccentric turns up to give free rein to the creativity and just about anything goes. Imagine walking into a festival where a 6ft 4 transvestite is dressed as a nurse giving half litre vodka enemas….

The spirit of Burning Man is to bring all you need with you – food, water, shelter and entertainment. Life is pretty harsh out in the desert and it’s good if you can team up with others to increase your chances of survival.

Many people prepare all year for Burning Man and mount giant interactive art installations and the highlight of the week is the burning of the giant effigy that gives the festival its name – people end up dancing around the fire naked, out of their minds on acid and making love in the desert sands.

The Burning Man community is strong in California and you’ll make a bunch of strong friends here to hook up with later on. Just watch out for the intense law enforcement activity as cops from various jurisdictions try to bust people for dope – a recent tactic has seen police women in bikinis asking guys where they can score….

Check out Burning Man for a deeper picture.