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Website Design – The Traveling Webmaster

The best design is all about simplicity. Yet that’s easier said than done. Paying someone a couple of hundred bucks to come up with a nice logo and a few page templates can be a great investment. Studies show that surfers make up their minds about websites within the first half second so you’ll want to make sure people don’t leave before they’ve even taken in your content.

Don’t go in for anything flashy, animation or music. What looks or sounds cool the first time around tends to get quite irritating after the second or third reload.

Keep navigation as clear and easy as possible. Link everything well and make a cool menu bar so no one gets lost – there’s no point in having good content if no one can find it.

Next you need to know the crucial little bits of code in your page that make the search engines sit up and take notice – your site may be beautiful but how is anyone ever going to find it unless Google knows what it’s about? Welcome to the world of SEO! (Search Engine optimisation)