Work Abroad

The Traveling Webmaster

So you’ve got your website and will travel. Pack your laptop and a note somewhere of your passwords to your adsense and Pay Pal account, stash your ATM card somewhere safe to draw out your profits and hit the road.

You may also find that whilst you’re traveling you come across ways to add cool content to your website with bits of travel writing or photography. In any case you can keep adding content to your site via internet cafes.

You may find places with wireless internet but often you’ll be working on your laptop, putting the new content onto a disk or a USB drive and then uploading from an internet cafĂ©. This can be tediously slow in some parts of the world so be prepared for frustrations like 56k modems, power cuts and computers running on Windows 98.

Still, these are often the countries where you can actually live quite well on the $10 a day that your website is bringing in. And the beauty of it is that although adsense revenue goes up and down, it comes in every day of the week, every week of the year. So even if you just chill out on a beach for a fortnight, you’ll still come back to 14 days revenue to cover your costs.

Once you’ve got one site up and running, you might want to start another one. It’s a good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket and if you experiment with a few different ideas, you might suddenly hit gold. Either way it’s nice to have a little network of sites as then you can link to your own projects and get them started that way.

The webmaster on the road is free to travel anywhere his adsense revenue allows him. You have no boss, no schedule and only as much pressure as you put on yourself. You’ll impress other travelers with your sorted lifestyle and then you can always make a bit of cash by holding little workshops about how to become a traveling webmaster – at the very least it might get you laid once in a while.

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