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Webmaster on the Road – Work and Travel

Once upon a time there was the Internet, and God was with the Internet…

Once upon a time there was the Internet, and God was with the Internet…

The advent in the modern age of the internet offers the webmaster a unique way to work and travel, updating and making an income from your website anywhere in the world. You can work on your site from any internet café in the world, set up a revenue via advertising and stay on the road for as long as you like.

If, like the majority of those who aren’t web-savvy, you associate running a website with streams of computer code and geeks in offices with virtual egos, get with the times. Anyone can learn to build, even design and run their own website these days with a minimum of investment. Having your own website is nothing short of publishing your own magazine or service and the only skills needed can be learnt within a week for free online.

Most people still haven’t understood that there’s money to be made from running a website. If you’ve got a hot idea and put the work in, it could be enough to retire on. If it’s only a mild success, it still might be enough to cover your daily budget in the cheaper countries in the world. Better than watching your savings slowly diminish and having to return to the rat race after 6 months on the road.

What does it take to be a successful traveling webmaster?

Lots of time, some hard work, some independent study and, most importantly of all, a good idea. The good news is that we have lots of good ideas to give away and at the very least spark your imagination.

So log on and join the wired generation on the road.