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Basic Info

Population: 300 million

Languages spoken: English. A large portion of the population is Spanish speaking.

Race: The so-called melting pot here, although some portions of the US are predominately white.

Economy: Booming and expanding its reaches.

Government: Democracy = Freedom

The CIA provides a ton of USA information, including admitting that the US consumes the largest amount of cocaine in the world.


Most countries get 90 days entry stamped in their passports when they arrive but you better believe they want to see your return ticket.

When to Travel in the USA

The United States is for the most part a temperate country. In the summer months the northern states are great, in the winter places like Florida and Arizona are a better bet. California is pleasant all year long which accounts for the overcrowding there.

The busiest hurricane months in Florida are August to October. If Category Four or Five storms are predicted leave.