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Observations and advice about sex and relationships in America could probably fill a multi-volume encyclopedia. For all the brazenness of programming like Sex and the City and the free love movement of the ’60s, things are not quite that simple and easy. Fear of HIV is a major obstacle, and scoring a date does not mean things will go anywhere.

American Girls

American women may make Desperate Housewives, but that doesn’t mean they’re all hungering for sexual encounters. If a girl has a strong Catholic or conservative upbringing chances are she’ll want much more than something casual. In fact, people still get married very young in the southern states, around 19 and 20, and divorces at 23 or 24 are becoming more common.

Young people do like to ‘hook up’ especially at the bars and party scene. Different places attract different crowds by age and status, the working world does happy hours in the early evening and clubs and lounges at night. Clothes matter and you have to look go, smell good, and use hair care products. At the college bars it’s more open and friendly but everyone seems to know everyone already. Alcohol is a major factor everywhere.

American girls are easy compared to girls in other countries, except that they usually have more experience in knowing how to avoid the wrong type of guy. They expect to be treated as nothing less than equal, and often the only type of men capable of handling them in the long term are American guys.

Dating sites are a very popular way for couples to meet. Popular sites are,, and the Roadjunky friends network. Facebook is the most popular social network for college and My Space is the non-college equivalent.

American Guys

It’s really easy to meet American men, but it’s harder to meet quality guys who are only interested in more than one thing. 99% of men think that if they meet a girl at a bar they are going to sleep with her that night. The trick is to balance your behaviour so that a man doesn’t think you’re prude but not give in too easily either. It is common for a man to lose interest in a girl if she sleeps with him too quickly.

There are distinct types of guys in America: sports bar guys that wear baseball caps and t-shirts that are too small, in-shape preppy guys that wear brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, hippy guys with open-toed birkenstocks you can meet at music festivals, slick guys who act like they have a lot of money wearing pressed blazers and large belts, hip-hop guys who are good dancers wearing chains and baggy pants, and the foreigner guys who don’t understand they need to tone it down a bit.

Sex in America

Men and women often have their own rooms living apart from their parents at a young age so it is easy to find some privacy.

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