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The Americans

To some extent we all know the American’s already, thanks to the movies.

In fact, it could be argued that in the cultural void experience by such a young country as the US, Americans find thier own identity in the media they consume and watch TV to find out who they are. The average American teenager owns his first car at seventeen years old, and almost always lives separate from his parents after finishing school. Children and young adults now are passionate about video games.

A strong sense of work ethic and probably an underlying Christian influence gives the American people their core values. Men and women are expected to support themselves financially from the moment school ends, and the average work vacation is only two weeks per year. Monetary success provides a measure of social standing regardless of background. Equal opportunity actually exists.

Americans are outwardly friendly, loud, and open, and will tell you their opinions. Beer is popular.

Widespread emulation of popular culture, sadly, is found in place of genuine individuality but there is a thriving subclass of educated, sensitive, and proactive people interested in world issues. It is easy to come to conclusions about Americans based on their exported television and movies without ever having met any.

Americans enjoy their own brand of sports: baseball, football (gridiron) and basketball. Popular television shows, like American Idol, provide a topic of conversation. National politics are popular and debates between Republicans and Democrats can get heated.

Americans, for the most part, are wealthy, enjoy exercise, and own more gear than they actually have time to use. Pizza and hamburgers are typical food, coke and fast food is everywhere. It’s a very trendy country.