On the Road

Travel Scams Guide


All the travel scams, hustles and cons that you’ll meet on the road.

Wouldn’t it be great if love really did make the world go round? Alas the path of the righteous traveler is set with scams, cons and hustles to leave him high and dry.

On the other hand there are plenty of travelers who don’t mind a dabble in the grey areas of the law. A quick travel insurance scam and they’ve got cash for another 6 months in India.

Scamsters and con merchants are a breed onto themselves, a predatory species that preys upon backpackers, their favourite target being the newly-arrived and disorientated. Without getting too paranoid about it, you’ll save yourself a good deal of money and heartache if you get clued up fast. The ingenious, the immoral and the plain criminal scams are all listed here – read on and and never get conned out of your hard earned traveler’s cheques again.

Perhaps you might have thought that scams were confined to the plots of movies like Matchstick Men or The Sting – well, believe it or not there are plenty of actors out there waiting for you to step into their B movie sets to relieve you of your cash.

Just don’t become one of them.