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If you’d believe Carlos Castaneda then you’d suppose that once you swallow a dose of peyote you’ll be spending all night with the spirit of the plant, Mescalito himself, probably in the form of a dog that wonders why you’re following it around on all fours.

Peyote is a very gentle, very magical experience that starts so smoothly that you’ll typically fail to notice that you’re getting really high until you stand up to get a drink of water. Everything becomes sacred under the influence of peyote and it can be a wonderful healing experience.

It can be a transformative experience to take part in a peyote circle and you can either go and do this with the natives in the deserts of North Mexico, or be in touch with some of the travelling peyote shamans that run peyote medicine circles around Europe and the States. The ritual may involve singing traditional chants, expressing intentions and wishes to Grandfather Peyote, and generally trying to swallow spoonfuls of the strange black guck without throwing up.