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Where to Stay

When you’re paying half a buck or less for a beer, $1 – 2 for a decent feed, and just over a dollar for a taxi anywhere in Lhasa, you’d expect the accommodation to follow the same sort of pattern. Unfortunately, it doesn’t…

A bed in a dorm will set you back a good 50 Yuan (8 dollars or 4 quid) which may not sound like much until you consider what you can get for eight bucks in neighbouring Nepal or India – a private room with en suite and maybe a curry to boot.

For a private room in Lhasa you’re looking at paying upward of $15-20. If you’re staying a few days, it’s always worth haggling especially during the quieter times of year.

Outside the city, prices drop somewhat, as do general hygiene standards. In many towns there may exist other better hotels with more character, but you’re unfortunately required to stay at the government appointed hotels and guest houses to ensure that your hard earned money doesn’t end up in the wrong hands – i.e. Tibetan ones.

Tariq El Kashef

Tariq El Kashef is the author and editor of – The Online Egypt Travel Guide