Work Abroad

Finding Freelance Work

If you’re a freelancer then chances are that increasingly you’re turning to online markets in the first place to get your contracts. There are various sites out there listing freelance work opportunities and though many of them expect you to work for less than the Indian minimum wage (namely because so many Indian freelancers are ready to), you can still find employers who will appreciate the value of a job well done. Good references and portfolio are essential, naturally.

Some freelance job sites include:

and it’s worth maintaining an active profile on, too.

Sure, many jobs may require a phone call to follow through and confirm the contract but telephone calls are getting cheaper around the world and a GSM phone is a handy part of the freelancer’s traveling work kit.

The other way to draw in work is from an effective personal website and online promotion of your skills. If you can develop your own website well enough then customers will be stumbling across you every day. Your website is your portal to the world and as long as it looks professional then no one’s to know you’re living out of a rucksack, recovering from malaria in a hostel somewhere…

Another way to let people know about your website is to take promotion on the offensive. You can set a budget for adwords so that when someone searches for say, ‘French translation’, they will see your ad at the side of the search results.

You can also maintain a strong presence in forums related to your area of expertise and people searching for your topic may come to take you as an authority and follow the signature link in your posts to your website.