Work Abroad

The Telecommuting Traveller

All you need is a laptop and to live somewhere that doesn’t have power cuts every ten minutes.

Dig it, in the old days if you wanted to make money you had to turn up at the office, do working lunches with clients and slog all day at your desk to get the project done.

The internet age now means that for a variety of professionals, there’s no longer any need to live in the place where you get your work.

Why live in a city in the first world where the rent and bills are high, the quality of life is low and you can just about make ends meet – when alternatively you could be sitting on a beach somewhere tropical, living cheap and actually saving loads of money as you continue to earn first world wages?

If you’re a writer, designer, photographer, programmer, webmaster, journalist, editor, translator, video blogger, academic or do any other kind of job that doesn’t need you to turn up in flesh and blood, you could equally well be working abroad.

Sure, it would be tough to maintain a professional presence whilst hanging out with a tribe in the Amazon, but the internet is reaching more and more parts of the world these days and finally freeing the traveling freelancer from the trap of city life. More and more people are joining the decentralisation movement and realising that a better quality of life is in their hands.

So get yourself a reliable laptop, an ATM card and hit the road.