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The world over consists of this activity for getting out and loosening up. However the quality of nightlife will vary where you go. In tropical cities like Brazil, Rio, in particular, the action gets visceral and the night will become a blur. In posh London you might drop a fortune in drinks only to get spilled out onto the street into the middle of fisticuffs. In East Asia, like busting Hong Kong and Tokyo nightlife gets you through a harsh culture that drives some to suicide. Outside of the city going out at night takes a new meaning. You stumble around in the darkness, and the rewards differ. In rural Peru, once the sun sets, nightlife might consist of sharing song over a kerosene lamp.

One thing is for sure: travel would not be the same without nightlife, the clubs, bars and hangouts where you can mingle freely and trade stories with the other people on the road and the curious locals. You may pay a price in the morning.