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In Southeast Asia the durian is said to be “king of fruits” but when you sit down to try it for the first time you might be tempted to call it the “king of foul odors.” Spiky on the outside the inside of the durian is a soft consistency and has the odor of rank cheese. The smell of this fruit is so bad that hotels in Southeast Asia do not let guests bring them inside. Even unopened durians smell like decomposing zebras.

To be fair, (a Roadjunky first), it is said that once you acquire the taste for durian the eating experience is divine. Papaya, too, tastes like it was fomenting in a septic tank the first time you try it. It is even said that durian contains psychoactive chemicals, like chocolate, that make the fruit addictive to people who indulge.

If anyone knows where you can order durian online please ship one us. We’d like to have these delivered to a few choice friends at Christmas time. More durian info can be found at Tim Tyler’s durian page.