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Mai Hong Son

Mai Hong Son is a nice place to level out at the end of the road. This is about as far out as one can go in Thailand. It is less than 100 km’s from the Burmese border, and has a dusty, tranquil feel that is very unique. A beautiful temple sits atop a mountain overlooking the town, and the only impediment to the serene vista is new airstrip dropped into the middle of the valley. Helicopters fly over the small town daily on their way to Burma, where they drop supplies to the Karen rebels…

The area around the town is mostly virgin forest, and a hiker with a good map, compass, and knowledge of the jungle can go for days into the forest and not see anyone. The town itself is very tranquil, and many backpackers find themselves staying for a week or longer, as it is a cheap, comfortable place to study Thai or just pass the time away.

There is little nightlife in this small town, though there are a couple of bars along the main street. It really feels like a world away from the bustle of Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

M.J. Lloyd

James Tramplefoot has been, and will continue to be on the road indefinitely, for years and probably decades.