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Tel Aviv is a great city for casual sex and dating. There’s loads of young people here, all in a time of their lives where they’re open to new things and that includes you. The Israelis in Tel Aviv are as open minded about sex and dating as anywhere in Europe and many are determined to get their fair share before marriage.

the beaches of Tel Aviv

Israel receives hardly any tourism in these troubled times of bomb blasts and so tourists are hot property here. Dating a traveler brings a certain amount of Kudos with it and both Israeli women and men are often interested in meeting foreigners – women because they want to meet someone sensitive with a foreskin and the men because they can finally date someone without needing headache pills or ear plugs.

There are many pick-up bars in Tel Aviv which are known to be just that and you can try looking along Herzl street and further along Ben Gurion Street to the north. The beach is always a good bet too and there’s no need to be too shy here. They’ll let you know pretty fast whether they’re interested or not.

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