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Dating and Romance in Beijing

Where dating without intending marriage is finally acceptable but still a little new.

The best part about travel is the instant invitation to try one’s hand at being an amateur anthropologist, and sex is an integral part of the human game. When it comes to these matters Beijing still has a long way to go. The city may be modernizing and although it’s acceptable to date it still feels a little new.

Western guys have an easy time finding Chinese girlfriends, although it’s generally not at the level one sees in Japan. At a slew of night clubs in Sanlintun and Wudaoko ,young Chinese girls dance, drink and practice their English with western guys. Many, not all, have ulterior motives involving passports.

The reverse situation of female foreigners dating Chinese men is rare. Local men in Beijing tend to shy away from interest in foreign women. Our Road Junky amateur anthropologist can cue in any number of politically incorrect explanations here: perhaps the smallish Chinese features attractive in girls aren’t so appealing in men. Or maybe Chinese men fear the extra demands dating a western woman might involve. Either way, fact is fact. China Daily ran a piece describing the dating scene for women travelers in Beijing as a ‘wasteland.’

Sexy Beijing featuring Su Fei, a Jewish girl who interviews young Chinese on the subject in great Mandarin, is a great source of more information on the topic.