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The Germans call it Breslau and, in all fairness, Wroclaw WAS their city to start off with. However, the Russians booted them out in 1945 and, like a big game of musical chairs, all the simultaneously displaced Polish residents of Lviv (now part of the Ukraine) moved in. Now it’s WrocÅ‚aw, capital of Silesia and one of the warmest places in Poland.

And a nice place Wroclaw is to live, too. The old town is as beautiful as any in the country and, with the River Oder (Odra) weaving it’s way around the city, a barrage of gushing adjectives could easily be unleashed. It also has a young population, resulting in a kickass selection of bars, restaurants and clubs, and is perfectly situated for excursions to the Sudety mountains (75km away) and other natural attractions like the ÅšlężaÅ„ski National Park (30km away). Incredibly, though, it is still nowhere near as popular as other Polish tourist destinations.

If you’re visiting WrocÅ‚aw, check out the fountain display at the Centennial Hall (Hala Stulecia) by night and, above all, don’t miss the RacÅ‚awice Panorama (Panorama RacÅ‚awicka), the incredible 360º painting of the Battle of RacÅ‚awice in 1794 which laughs in the face of 3D TV.

Aly Kerr