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Dating Filipina Girls & Guys

As Filipinos have a good command of English and a culture that’s been at least partially Westernized, travelers actually have some chance of making a relationship in the Philippines work. Your relative wealth will certainly make you attractive, even if your skin colour and exotic foreign appearance don’t.

The best pick-up joints in the Philippines are the karaoke bars and the dating scene is based around these. Walk into one and you can expect to be almost immediately invited to someone’s table to sing and drink. You’ll inevitably be asked if you are traveling alone and then your new friend may offer to hook you up with a cousin or a friend or any single girl they know.

If you get married here though you’d better hope your partner doesn’t mind leaving their family home behind. It’s considered normal for whole families to sleep in the same room, even after marriage. It might just seem a little stifling to have to hear your father-in-law snoring across the room just as things start to get romantic…

Filipina Girls

The Philippines has some of the most beautiful girls in the world and they may well steal your hearts. If you’re an average-looking foreign guy under the age of 40, expect to be treated like a celebrity as the sleazy older tourists make you look like a prize catch. It can be bewildering how much attention you’ll receive, actually.

Filipinas can be pretty aggressive (especially in the bigger cities) and don’t be surprised if you find yourself approached by a woman in the street if she likes you. Make sure she isn’t a prostitute, though, by saying something like, “I don’t have any money.” If she’s still interested, she probably has good intentions.

Most Filipinas are conservative Christians, and won’t be too fast to jump in bed on the first night. There are definitely exceptions to this rule, especially in the big cities and tourist areas but otherwise take your time. Her modesty is also a good sign you’re not being taken for a ride – witness the scam in Angeles City of being picked up, drugged and waking up with everything gone.

There are a lot of online dating sites for western men to meet Filipinas. Many of these girls are undoubtedly looking for a real companionship but some are working as hustlers. There are plenty of rich white idiots who find themselves financially supporting a girl while she continues to work as a bargirl on the side. It’s a surreal experience to walk into an internet café in Angeles, for example and see twenty young women chatting into web-cams to men overseas.

A lot of foreigners come to the Philippines to find a wife. It’s pretty understandable as Filipinas are generally very beautiful, dynamic, loyal and intelligent. It is advised, however, by many such travelers to at least move to another island after the marriage, as often the whole family will want to move in or at least borrow large sums of money.

Filipino Guys

Foreign women are rare in the Philippines, and therefore very exotic. It is very easy for a female traveler to find a guy, especially if she has lighter skin, Filipinos being as openly racist as most of South east Asia.. Some of the Spanish machismo exists here and Filipino men will openly approach foreign women for a date.

Loyalty is as much of an issue as anywhere and Filipinas sometimes complain about infidelity. Many believe the Filipino urban culture has been heavily influenced by MTV and American movies, which have introduced more liberal attitudes towards sex and gender roles.

The rural areas are much less liberal and men have more traditional attitudes toward women. Regardless, there is a level of equality in the Philippines that at times the USA could be envious of. Homosexuality and bisexuality, especially among men, is widely accepted in the Philippines.

Still, women are expected to do most of the menial chores around the house, and the men are the ones to go out drinking and partying. This is a real problem out in the rural areas where alcoholism is epidemic. The excuse seems to be: “There’s no work to do, so I drink.”

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