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Dating in Peru is overall a great experience. Peruvians are fun, open-minded and generally very good looking. Finding a date is easy for foreigners, and attitudes about sex and relationships are generally pretty liberal, at least in the cities.

Clubs or bars are generally a good place to meet people and it helps if you can dance or at least try to dance. Knowing Spanish is also very helpful but most young Peruvians have some knowledge of English.

Gender relations vary greatly across the country. In the mountains, for example, it is common for local men to brag that they beat their wives once in awhile and that they actually like it. People in the main cities like Lima or Cuzco are more enlightened though men are still considered the head of the household. As is in common in the world, younger people are more open-minded about women’s rights and the nature of relationships.

AIDS is spreading in Peru, especially among the lower classes, as people still believe the Pope’s stand against condoms. Way to go, papa. If you’re a sexually active traveler, especially with multiple partners, use condoms if you don’t want to wake up with some interesting and painful souvenirs…

Peruvian Girls

Peruvian girls are sexy, stylish and fun. Peruvian women are romantic and you’ll never go wrong by buying her a dozen roses or taking a midnight walk through the plaza arm in arm… and don’t forget a bottle of good Argentine or Chilean wine.

Go ahead and say every cheesy line you can think of in Spanish – at the very least she’ll think you’re cute and will like you for it.

Too many Peruvian hearts get broken by travelers though so don’t lead her on by saying you love her unless you really mean it. Honesty really is the best policy.

Peruvian women are pretty traditional but that doesn’t get in the way of a good time too often. Sex on the first few dates is pretty common and provided you’re careful there won’t be any shotgun wedding scenarios.

The word novia (girlfriend) has a special significance to it and you should avoid it if you’re not looking for a serious relationship. Once you start calling each other novios then it’s really something serious.

Peruvian Guys

There are probably more Peruvian guys dating foreign girls than the opposite. Peruvian guys (from the larger cities) are pretty romantic and are usually great dancers. Though often physically smaller than their gringas, Peruvian men are very confident and seem to get what they want.

Depending on what cultural background he comes from, Peruvian men treat women with a lot of respect and dignity and go out of their way to be gentlemen. Many foreign women find love in Peru as they’re perhaps less afraid of long term relationships than the fickle bachelors of the West.

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James Tramplefoot has been, and will continue to be on the road indefinitely, for years and probably decades.