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Basic Info

Population: 159 million.

Languages: Punjabi, Sindi, Peshtun and bits of Urdu (Hindi) and English wherever you go.

Race: Punjabis, Sindis, Baluchis, Pathans and other tribes further north.

Religion: 97% Muslim.

Government: Military dictatorship. There was a coup a few years ago but the West has conveniently forgotten it in exchange for Pakistan’s support for the bombing of Afghanistan.

Pakistan Travel Information from the CIA, everyone’s best friend.


A tourist visa is generally granted for three months if you apply in advance but you will only get 30 days if flying into the country. Better to get it in advance rather than hoping to sort it out on the border.

Visas are extendable and it’s unclear what happens in the case of an overstay. A little baksheesh at the border might ease things if leaving the country by land.

When to Travel in Pakistan

The mountains in Pakistan are a harsh environment during winter and are best seen during Spring and Autumn. If you’re planning on heading up to China though the Karakoram highway you’d best do it before the snow falls in November/December.

The south is almost always sticky and humid but quite unbearable in summer.

There are so few travelers here that there isn’t really a tourist season but most overlanders will cross the Iranian border in the autumn.