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Well, dating someone in Pakistan is one way to start a blood feud.

.If you’re a woman looking to date a Pakistani guy, you could probably take your pick. Not only are white women exotic, they’re also a ticket out of the country. Don’t expect your potential partner to know anything about women’s rights, freedom of religion or foreplay, however.

Ok, in Karachi and the upper classes of Islamabad and Lahore there exist classes of people who are more world-conscious but it’s hard to meet these kind of people when you’re on the road; they live in walled communities, protected from the masses.

If you’re looking to fall in love with a Pakistani woman you’ll be risking a rifle down your throat in much of the country. The newspapers in the south occasionally feature the story of a runaway couple from the Pathan country and the murderous pursuit of the girl’s relatives.

Pakistan just isn’t the kind of country where you’re likely to get a date.

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