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Where to Stay

Guesthouses have rooms for around 1-3 dollars in most places. Simple fare but good enough.

Pakistanis – and Pathans in particular – pride themselves on their hospitality and you may well find yourself invited to stay with people you meet. If you’re a guy they won’t let you stay in the house though as there are women there and, according to the strict local interpretation of Islam, it would be improper. So they put you in a kind of a barn reserved for guests and you’ll eat and sleep there.

It’s also possible to stay at many Sufi shines should you find yourself upon hard times. Here there will be rooms full of string beds and communal meals. Also Qawwali singing rituals in the morning to invite the presence of God.

Also whilst on the road, if hitchhiking in Pakistan, there are string beds at truckstops along the way where you can sleep.