Travel Ideas

The Guyanas

Read your Papillon and you’ll come to know about the French, English and Dutch colonies in the north east of South America, colonies somewhat forgotten in the modern world. The French never saw much use to their colonies in the tropics other than for letting their convicts die alive in horrendous penal settlements.

British Guyana, though, has had more of a civilised feel to it and though it’s mostly impassable swamp and rainforest, it’s an interesting mix of Africans, Indians and descendents of British settlers. Georgetown, the capital, makes its money out of exporting rubber and other South American resources and would be a good place to lay low from the law or anyone else for a while.

Culturally, Guyana is more Caribbean than South American and the nightclubs in Georgetown are more likely to be playing raggah or Bollywood tunes than salsa or samba. And if the nightlife gets too much for you then you can always go and get stoned amongst the staggering bio-diversity of Guyana’s jungles.

Failing that, go Dutch and check out Surinam – about which we know nothing – send us a postcard if you go.