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Many Moroccans choose to try their chances in Europe without papers. The chances of being granted a visa are slim for most so the turn to extreme tactics and deliver themselves into the hands of the people mafia. They’re charged a small fortune to be sped across the Gibraltar Straits to Spain in a speedboat. They choose moonless nights as the coastguard fires on sight.

Those that can’t afford that may cling to the underside of a truck to get across. Young boys die every week when they lose their grip half way across. Any Moroccan under the age of 16 that gets to Spain will be taken care of by the authorities, however, so many consider the risk worth taking.

Hashish is also smuggled across in dinghies with an outboard motor and sometimes the sacks are lost as they try to evade the customs launches. Many a Spanish myth circulates of sacks of prime hashish washing up on the beaches of Andalucia.

Many Westerners also swallow bullets of hash that they buy up in the Rif mountains. The Moroccans there know all the tricks and help to wrap the hash in pellets small enough to slip down easily.

Hashish is big business up in the mountains and families are eager to strike up deals with foreigners who can move the stuff on the other side of the water. You really don’t want to go up into the farm areas unless you’re serious.