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Work & Costs

Morocco is still a cheap country to travel in. A room at a simple guesthouse will only cost you around 5 euros a night and tasty bowls of soup on the street cost next to nothing.

On the tightest budget you could probably eat, sleep and travel for 10 euros a day. You’ll have a lot more fun on 20+ though.

There is the possibility to teach English in Morocco and it’s not the kind of place where qualifications are so important. You won’t be making any money to save though unless you manage to get lots of private tutoring gigs with the rich kids.

There’s also a fairly constant stream of tourists so you could always hook up to get commission from carpet shop owners for any lambs to the slaughter you bring along.

If you’ve got a lot of business acumen you could always smuggle in some Levis and other brand name goods if you can get them cheap anywhere.

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