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Basic Info

Population: 31 million. It was only 8 million back in 1956.

Race: Arab, Berber

Languages: Arabic, Berber dialects, French (colonial legacy), Spanish here and there in the north, English in last place but still people know the basic words.

Religion: Muslims to a man. The women don’t have much say in it, naturally.

Government: Usual puppet king and corrupt government that would really like to enter the EU.

More Morocco Information and Stats from the CIA


EU, America, Australian citizens get an automatic 90 days on arrival that can be extended once you’re there if you smile very nicely and mutter something about studying Islam.

When to Travel in Morocco

It’s hot most of the year in Morocco but gets really dry and dusty in the summer. Moroccan tempers run even higher than usual then and there’s also a good deal of European tourism between June and August as the students are on holiday.

There’s always Ramadan to think of, a time when devout Muslims don’t eat or drink. This puts everyone in a terrible mood and isn’t the best time to be in Morocco. It’s based on the lunar calendar and gets earlier each year. Currently it’s sometime around the autumn.