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Things can be tough for female travelers. Unless accompanied by a man they may be seen as ‘loose’ and have to endure continual cat calls and offensive behavior from all the sexually-frustrated young men on the street.

No one will harm you though and don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself. Ask them ‘if they’re not ashamed to treat a guest in their country like that – didn’t Muhammad say etc’.

This is an ideal country for the stoned hippie as the living is cheap and the hash is excellent. There are some beautiful places to hang out and plenty of other fellow stoners from Europe to join you.

Speaking French will make your travels here much more rewarding. Spanish may also be very useful in the North but French is the one that you’ll be able to use just about everywhere. Moroccan Arabic is nothing like it’s spoken in the Middle East.

Don’t go looking for an argument in Morocco. Believe us, the arguments will come to you. The touts and guides will never leave you alone and they’re just waiting for you to get aggressive so they can shout back.

The average hustler regards a two hour row with swearing and pushing a perfectly reasonable use of his time and energies. If they keep asking you when you’ll hire them to take you to the nearest mosque/carpet shop/market just tell them

Enshallah, tomorrow.” (Tomorrow – if God wants!)

Moroccans have been watching the Europeans pile into their country like a stoner’s playground for around 40 years now and they’ve seen every trick in the book. There’s a good deal of resentment to travelers and tourists in the country who they perceive as being made of money. Sit down for a coffee with them however and much of this will melt away.

The best way to understand the Moroccan reality is to stay with a family. Many university students would love to have a foreign visitor come to stay so make friends on the street and maybe you’ll get lucky. You’ll be spoilt rotten and can show your appreciation at the end of your stay with a gift for the children or household.

Take off your shoes when entering someone’s home or shop.

Never use your left hand for anything except washing your behind.

Dress as the locals do. Things are more conservative in the country and there you shouldn’t be wearing shorts or T-shirts.