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Basic Info


Languages: Spanish, Maya, Tolpec and literally hundreds or other indigenous languages and dialects.

Religion: Catholic, animistic – everyone in Oaxaca and the other southern states know all about the magic mushroom priestesses.

Economy: Mexico has the biggest economy of all the Latin American countries by virtue of sharing a border with the US. There’s a lot of money in Mexico but people are still very poor. Prices can be high and salaries aren’t but generally the standard of living is say, second world.

Government: White capitalist pigs. The government is in the hands of the white ruling elite who exploit the poor and indigenous to the full.


Most nationalities get 90 days on arrival although in theory you can get 180 if you ask nicely. No harm in trying your luck.

You can extend to the full 180 anyway without much difficulty at the immigration office in major cities – just make sure you look smart for the occasion.

Travelers coming in at Cancun and the border with Guatemala have reported that they receive only 30 days, a sign that the government is getting tired of hippy tourism.

When to Travel in Mexico

Mexico is so big that its climate varies depending on where you are but count on it being pretty warm most of the time. It only ever gets cold as such in the desert at night and in the cities at high altitude like Mexico City and San Cristobal de las Casas.

September-November is hurricane season and in recent years the Yucatan peninsula has been trashed by high winds and waves. Whole towns have been flooded and the tourist industry is naturally a little worried about the future.