Drugs on the Road

Marijuana and Travel

Smoking can pull travellers together and becomes a social catalyst for the nomadic community. In countries like India, Morocco and Spain, smoking and travelling often go hand in hand. Other times though it can just seem like everyone’s so stoned out of their brain that they have nothing interesting to say.

It can be a good way to disorient yourself and let go a little. If you’re out on the road to learn about yourself then marijuana can help open your mind to new possibilities. It’s excellent for relaxing and seeing things in a new light.

On the other hand you might just end up giggling in a cafĂ© somewhere eating cakes all day and talking shit with other stoners. That’s okay, too but make sure you’re not missing out on where you’re at.

In many countries a brush with the police may be solved by a small bribe, or baksheesh. But in the US, Thailand or especially Singapore and Malaysia, getting caught can be very fucking serious. You’d be best to always check out the legal situation and not travel with any dope – you can always score again when you get there.

The trouble can often be remembering where you even hid your ganja, be in in the muesli box in the kitchen, in a tree in the garden or even beneath your computer keyboard…