Drugs on the Road

Marijuana and Health Guide

Marijuana is no more addictive than say, coffee and has few long-term health costs other than being bad for your lungs. It doesn’t do wonders for your posture or your circulation though and you’ll be advised to drink plenty of fruit juices to compensate.

No one has ever died through taking marijuana unless you count traffic accidents when the driver was too stoned to concentrate.

If you take to much it may be unpleasantly disorientating. Your best bet is to massage your feet, eat something sweet and try to sleep it off.

In some people, especially after long-term use, it can create paranoia and isn’t a drug recommended for anyone with a history of schizophrenia.

After smoking for too long you may also become a little untogether. Stoners are famous for their great plans that never get realised.

But by far the most tragic consequence of smoking marijuana is a tendency to write really quite awful poetry. If you must consign your wandering thoughts to the page have the heart not to show anyone your work.