Drugs on the Road

Marijuana Guide for Travelers

Stoned again. Where does weed come from? Is it good for you? And why does it make people write such terrible poetry?

People smoke marijuana around the world. In some countries, like Switzerland and the Netherlands, it is legal to buy. In other places it has all but been decriminalized. In Texas possession of even a small amount of marijuana can get you up to 6 months in jail. In Malaysia getting caught with 200 grams of marijuana merits a mandatory death sentence.

The psychoactive component of marijuana, THC, tends to round the square edges in our minds a little. It helps you to relax and is great for creativity though your stoned poetry may not seem quite so inspired in the morning light.

It is usually smoked with tobacco in a joint or pure in a pipe. The effects tend to come quickly though if it is eaten it may take a while to kick in. In the latter case more care should be taken with the quantity as the effects can be quite disorientating.

Learn some more in the Road Junky guide to ganja and in the words of Ben Harper:

“So before you knock it try it first,

Oh, you’ll see it’s a blessing and not a curse.”