Drugs on the Road, On the Road

LSD and Travel

“If God dropped acid – would he see people?”

( Stand up comedian, Stephen Wright.)

You can probably come across acid as easily at home as on the road but the psychedelic journey is a good metaphor for travel and many feel that it’s time to do some voyaging.

LSD doesn’t make you see visions but it does take you out of you everyday perspectives on life. It’s akin to what the mystics may see and can be a life-changing experience.

In one sense acid is a very pure guru. You’re on a trip with only the experience itself to guide you. It’s easy to get lost though and for this reason you should take it with good friends.

You should always make sure you’re comfortable in your environment and the people around you before you drop. Things can become very traumatic if you are not in a safe place with all you need. Prepare carefully.

Only drop acid when you’re in good health, physically and mentally.

Make sure you have enough water, food and warm clothing.

Dropping acid alone can be a wonderful, spiritual experience but shouldn’t be attempted until you’re a veteran.

LSD is not a game. It’s a sacrament that can change your life. Many feel it’s best taken in nature but you should only do so in a safe space.

If your trip starts to go bad, don’t panic. Just make sure you keep breathing deeply, massage your feet and go with the flow.

If you’re in any of the party scenes like Goa or the Thai islands it might be part of the atmosphere. At some parties in India it’s not uncommon for people to mill around with a bottle to dose up friends.

A variant of this is acid punch – blotter acid thrown into a bucket of fruit juice. The problem is that tripping hippies aren’t exactly maths geniuses and they may end up doling out mega-strength doses.

100 micrograms is the average strength of a hit of acid. This is more than enough for the first-timer. More experienced users generally find their level between 100-300 μg.