On the Road

Internet Resources

Much of the internet results served up these days by Google and co is weighted towards those who are trying to sell you something than provide a service. But still, if you dig through then you should come across some sites that will at least give you a start in your chosen language with vocabulary lists, examples of colloquial speech and verb tables. Try the languages section of about.com for starters to see who they refer.

Google’s own <a href=”http://www.translate.google.com“>translation service</a> is getting better by the day and surely by now there must be married couples who share a bed with only a smartphone on the pillow between them to translate every word…Online translation has a long way to go but it is getting them and there will come the day when travellers need only hold up their phones like an electronic Babelfish to have all human languages spoken in their headset by a virtual translator. For the time being, Google Translate is best used to search for individual words.

One of the best features of the internet though are the language exchange communities such as lingozone.com or sharedtalk.com – you can connect with people of various ages and interests and help each other out – for free!

You can also hire someone at http://www.fiverr.com for $5 to help you via a Skype call to correct your accent and practice conversation in your target langauge.