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Jordan Travel Health and Safety

Officially Jordanian water is safe to drink but it often tastes like shit. It can be high in salt, or chlorine, and if you’re not used to it, the change in water content alone can be enough to give you a dose of the “Kerak quickstep”. If you’re only in the country for a couple of weeks it’s probably best to stick to the bottled stuff, which is cheap and available everywhere.

The super careful traveller will often choose to stay away from uncooked dishes like salads, but if you do this in Jordan you’ll find yourself missing out on the finest cuisine the country has to offer, which largely consists of “Mezes” (lots of small plates of cold starters). A bit of a shame, and quite often unnecessary too. If the restaurant is busy and seems to be in good shape, then probably you can trust the food will be as well.

Jordan is an extremely safe country with a very low crime rate, petty crime (the biggest nuisance for travellers) is almost non existent. Most crime tends to be crimes of passion which shouldn’t affect you too much. Just don’t go sleeping with any married men/women… and getting caught.

It’s very safe to walk around the towns and cities, day or night, man or woman. If you do have any trouble just ask anyone on the street to assist. Most Jordanians are helpful and friendly and speak some English.

Drugs are not such an issue in Jordan and rarely, if ever will you be offered any. Some Bedouin (not all by any means) like a good smoke and these are the guys to approach, tactfully of course, if you’re in need. But do be careful. It is no way near as prevalent as in neighbouring Egypt, and most travellers in need regular “spliffage” will probably find Sinai a more suitable spot. Please bare in mind that drugs are illegal in Jordan, and an Arab prison is not a place you ever want to see.

Tariq El Kashef

Tariq El Kashef is the author and editor of – The Online Egypt Travel Guide