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Japan Links

Here’s a summary of some of the best Japan travel sites on the web.

To start with there’s Japanese LifeStyle – Your starting point for hotels, dating and getting into Japanese fashion.

Tokyo Notice Board – Free Tokyo classifieds to post or respond. Gaijin-houses, jobs, dating

Work in Japan – Your best place to start your job hunting.

Dave ESL Cafe – Reports from English teachers out in the front line. Check out the journals of teachers in Japan and decide if you can hack it.

Orangutan English – A teacher student introduction service for Japan-based teachers and students which allows you teach where, when and how you want.

Also, for those who still read books, a lot can be learnt about Japan by reading the following:

Tokyo: A View of the City by Donald Richie – Brilliant photographs and accompanying text to explain Japanese culture.

The Truth About Japan by Andrew Watts