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Up in the hills

Sienna is a stone city set up in the hills and you burn so many calories just exploring the place that you end up eating way more pizza than you could ever have imagined otherwise. The houses are tall and looming and, though quite grand, have the effect of cutting off sunlight from most of the streets and adding to the chill of the altitude.

Sienna is famous for it’s enormous central piazza around which horses run in the annual races each summer and it is a good place to just sit and chill, rest from exploring all the steep paths through the city and wonder how to introduce yourself to the gorgeous students sat on the step below you…

When you finally manage to get high enough to get a view from the city Sienna offers the kind of view of the Tuscan countryside that makes you want to grow old there… if it wasn’t for the agony the steep streets would cause your arthritic knees.

Sienna is a very special town with no cars in the old city and it’s big enough that it takes a couple of days to explore it and if you seek something more rustic then there are any number of picture postcard villages within half an hour that you can go visit for the day.