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How many clichés can you name about Rome?

‘When in Rome do as the Romans do.’

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’

Let us know if you can think of any more.

Rome is one of the most frenetic cities you’ll see in Italy. It’s the capital, home of the Pope (although he claims the Vatican is a city in its own right, ho, ho), and is one of the coolest cities you’ll see anywhere in the world. Descending from rustic Tuscany it’s a shock to encounter streets buzzing with a million Vespas, sexy punk fashion and graffiti everywhere but Rome also has its old style charm.

Apart from the predictable moth-to-the-flame tourist attractions of the Coliseum, the mind blowing Sistine Chapel and the home of the Pope, Rome offers a lot in the way of winding backstreets peppered with ethnic clothes shops and specialist book stores.

You can also leave city behind by strolling along the river even at night as, despite its size and density, Rome is by and large a safe city and has none of the violent delinquency of, say, Napoli. You can wander around the streets from bar to bar without worrying much other than if you can actually get any of the Romans to talk to you – they can be a little distant until you get to know them.

Rome is predictably expensive and even a hostel might cost you 25 euros (though it’s cheaper through Roadjunky). The high rents force many Romans to live on the outskirts of their city and commute by the 2 line Metro or take their lives in their hands by driving a Vespa through the anarchic traffic.