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Without straying into dubious references to Romeo and Juliet, Italy is a country where people love to love. Italians are enthusiastic about all that there is to be enjoyed to be life and sex and romance are near the top of the list of the fine things in life, just below a good pasta.

Whilst Italians respect the sacred institution of marriage, they’re famously one of the least faithful nationalities in Europe. With the introduction of cell phones, the country was awash with infidelities being tracked down through the call logs as jealous spouses dialled all the unfamiliar numbers to find out who was on the other end.

Italian Women

Italianas are perhaps the most enchanting of all the Latina beauties with a lust for life and dreamy, offset eyes that can quite disorientate you when you meet their gaze. Italian women are the most talkative in the world (45,000 words a day) and the sheer flood of sentences, gestures and effusive expression makes them a passion to be reckoned with.

At the same time they’ve often bought into the national obsession with fashion and appearance and will wear cosmetics so thick it casts a shadow on their faces. They work hard on their all-body tans and spend hours trying to emulate the figures they see in the magazines and in the Italian telenovelas.

Italian girls are often more independent than the boys as they have the strong example of their domineering mothers and they look forward to bullying a future husband and smothering children of their own.

Some claim that many Italian women become quickly cynical and disillusioned with love after a lifetime of dealing with the feckless Italian men.

Italian Guys

Is there anyone more charismatic than the Italian man? Smooth-talking, well-dressed and oozing self-assured sex appeal?

Not according to many Italian women. Whilst to outsiders Italian men embody the very essence of suave, to those who know them best they’re a rather pathetic bunch hanging onto their mother’s aprons. Growing up with everything done for them by over-protective mothers, they often fail to strike out on their own and show some masculine backbone.

Imagine a guy who at the age of 35 would like to move out of home so he can play his stereo as loud as he wants but hasn’t yet learnt to fry an egg. The bills he can maybe handle but will mama let him come home to eat dinner each day?

In the street of course no one’s to know what a mama’s boy he is and the average Italian guy won’t let an attractive single woman pass him without saying something slightly lewd. What a charmer.

Younger Italian men have also given into the fashion thing and every aspect of their appearance will show hours of thought and considerable financial investment – from the designer pants, shirt and sneakers to the cool hair cut, expensive watch and gold chain, Italian youths have got the whole image down. They learn all the cool body language and never are they happier than when talking on their cell phones.