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Packed in the summer.

Florence is at the heart of Tuscany and draws millions upon millions of travelers, tourists and artists every year to check out the painting and sculptures of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and the rest of the Ninja Turtles.

Florence is nestled in a Tuscan valley and is surrounded by some of the most fabulous Tuscan countryside. The entire city can be seen from several of the bordering hills, affording a ‘super-galactic’ view of Florence at night, according to the locals.

The town itself is full of majestic piazzas, statues and churches everywhere that speak volumes to the educated and merit a click of a digital camera for all the rest. The main piazzas of Florence and the bridges over the river are full of African merchants and caribinieri, the Italian police who shake their heads with regret every time they see a pickpocket running off with someone’s wallet.

Florence is a special place to just wander about with your hands in your pockets (so that no one else can insert theirs) until you get tired and find somewhere scenic to sit down. You can fill your water bottle at the glorious statue fountains and head out of the centre to find something reasonably priced to eat.

Florence is also a university town and attracts an alternative scene of Italians to live there although the rents are predictably high.