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Israeli Stereotypes

Nobody has quite as much character as the Jews and in Israel there are so many layers of society and race that a quick guide can help.

The Ars, Arsim

This word comes form the Arabic for pimp and refers to young guys who are generally at the bottom end of Israeli society. Typically they will have short hair and are the most aggressive and confrontational of Israelis which is really saying something. Arsim are the loudest and most right wing and ironically the most similar in temperament to the Arabs – an accusation that would be enough to invite ian instant violent reaction.

The Frecha

The frecha is often seen accompanying the ars and is a factory made fashion girl wearing adjusted jeans, layers of make-up and all the latest accessories. Reality is skin-deep for the frecha and she may be seen walking down the street on high heels whilst chatting hysterically to her best friend – the cell phone.

The Hared

The Hared is your archetypal man in black and he fears for the future of the Jewish race. Being close to God and his Jewish roots he wears a Polish aristocratic costume sometimes featuring fur hats in the middle of summer. His skin is bright white from spending his time indoors and all his children have glasses from being forced to study tiny biblical print. His wife makes herself look as ugly as possible with short hair or a wig and clothes your grandmother would consider out of fashion.

The Pissed Off Soldier

The soldier will most likely be seen asleep on the bus occupying two or even three seats as he shunts back home exhausted from basic training. He will walk around at all times with his gun and be counting the days until he can escape and fly to India.

The Bright Eyed Traveler

The traveller has just come back from India/Thailand/Argentina and he wants to leave already. He has discovered places abroad where no one is trying to kill, convert or pressure him into becoming a doctor or lawyer. Paradise. He dreams of making a life outside of Israel but is doomed to fail – no one can escape a Jewish mother.

The Jewish Mother

She may be seen hunting cheap clothes in the market and wondering how she’s going to guilt her daughter, the bright eyed traveller, into enrolling into college. She leaves copies of religious texts lying conspicuously around the house and keeps a daily diary of the household food consumption and bathroom attendance. She is the only that all the grown up arsim in the market fear.

The Grown Up Arsim in the Market

The market traders spend all day having conversations with friends 25 metres away, Any closer would be an insult to their masculinity. They are balding, the hair on their back is curling up out of their collars and they’re bitching about millouim, the obligatory one month’s service in the army they must do each year. Still they’ll forget all about that the next time a well-proportioned frecha walks past and they can call out a friendly lewd comment.