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Israeli Culture Guide


Israelis aren’t very popular anywhere except in the foreign policy room of any given US government. Hated by the locals around the world for being confrontational and miserly, blamed by the Muslim world for all of their government’s crimes – hell, even we’ve met plenty of Jewish Americans who don’t have a good word to say about them.

But the strength of Israelis is that by and large they don’t care what people think of them and just go their own way. Israeli society is a modern creation where immigrants from cultures as far apart as Morocco and Iraq have mingled with Jews from Russia and Ethiopia to make a pretty intriguing national mix.

Despite the high volume of hate mail we get at Road Junky (largely from people so insecure about their national identity that they seriously think we generalise with an agenda), we just see people as people. We’re interested in how people are formed and how they function, and while art may be what we do to culture, culture ┬áis what’s done to us.

If you’ve ever encountered Israelis on the road and had a hard time understanding why they are as they are, have a read of the Road Junky Israeli Culture Guide.