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Health & Safety

Israel is generally a very safe society where hardly anyone gets drunk or violent for no reason. Plus there’s zero chance of getting mugged, making the cities great places to stroll around at night without fear.

There are what the Israelis call arsim, loud, aggressive guys who look for trouble but generally there’s only a problem if you respond in kind. If anyone shouts at you for no reason just shrug and walk away and nothing will happen. Just don’t go hitting on the girlfriend of an ars.

The only danger comes form the suicide bombers. This is really just a roll of the dice of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There’s no point in letting this kind of fear rule your life. If you’re really stressed about it then avoid crowded places and buses.

Israelis drive like madmen. Don’t take any chances crossing the road.

The tap water tastes like shit in many of the cities and if you’re staying some time you might want to think about buying mineral water.

Don’t talk about politics. Did we mention that already?

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