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Dating is pretty unislamic, according to the ayatollahs, but behind closed doors in Teheran who knows what you might find.

Okay, maybe in Teheran you could end up dating someone if you were invited to the private parties of the middle classes. You’d need a good introduction though and internet dating is highly censored.

Otherwise there may well be people who would love to marry a foreigner and escape Iran but in that case romance doesn’t come into it.

For the Iranians themselves things are very difficult. Although the last President, Khatami, asked the secret police not to disturb young men and women seen together in public, it’s still very difficult for them to meet.

To avoid the persecution of the police young Iranians pull tricks like borrowing babies from relatives so that it would seem as though they were married. Or else they’ll sit in cafes and a friend will lean forward to obscure the view as they hold hands.

Things are supposed to be a bit easier if a guy has a car but that’s a luxury beyond the means of most. One of the most common sounds you’ll hear in Iran is that of a frustrated young man’s sigh as he dreams of what must go in in California.

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