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India is one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel in. You can get by with just a few dollars a day although it’s easy to spend ten. Beyond that though it’s hard to think what you would spend the money on. Smoking charas can be expensive with ten grams costing around ten dollars – your tolerance grows rapidly. Beer isn’t cheap either but this isn’t a drinking culture anyway.

Making money though is far from easy. Too many Indians already speak English for you to teach it except in some volunteer set up well out in the sticks. The most common way to get by is to find some way of making money from the travellers. Some do this by dealing dope but before you consider that you might want to read about conditions in Indian jails, a place you definitely don’t want to be.

Other possibilities exist for artisans to sell their craftwork directly to travellers. Others get by making tattoes, piercing, massage, cooking some kind of European cake and or by writing a book and selling it. Use your imagination but don’t depend upon making a living in India unless you really have your act together.

Smuggling is how most long-term Indian travellers get by. The heyday of charas smuggling is long over with big risks for not so much profit. Before you even think about doing it read up on the realities and think about losing the best years of your life in a stinking, cockroach infested jail.

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